Software Update V4.3.x

Software Update V4.3.x
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This is no boar-ing tale…. We’re happy to announce the release of LightningPiggy version 4.3.x! Here’s the change log.

User Experience Improvements

  • Display all incoming payments for the wallet, including non-LNURL payments that come in through a regular invoice.
  • Show battery as percentage instead of voltage.
  • Reduce “Tilted!” time after tilt from 5 seconds to 2.
  • Refresh display when device is tilted (if tilt sensor is present between pin 32 and 3V3).
  • Add support for alternative LNBits HTTPS port configuration (instead of default 443).
  • Refresh balance and payments every 15 minutes to enhance resilience against server disconnections and network glitches.
  • Improve “Unknown Balance” error display.
  • Improve watchdog reset timing.

User Interface Improvements

  • Only show battery info when a battery is detected; absence of info implies no battery detected.
  • Do not show hardware info on-screen to conserve valuable screen space.


  • Fix erroneous usage of LNBits HTTPS port for non-LNBits hosts.
  • Fix crash when attempting to request time from network when network is not connected.
  • Ensure compilation works on both arduino-esp 2.x and 3.x.
  • Fix bug causing incoming payments not to show up when starting with an empty wallet.
  • Feed watchdog while retrying HTTPS connections to prevent it from thinking the device is hanging and restarting.
  • Fix long number formatting.
  • Flag balance and payments for refresh when WiFi (re)connects to clear display of any error messages.
  • Retry SSL (HTTPS) connections up to 3 times in case of failure.
  • Fix potential websocket handler race condition.

Credits: Thomas