If you have access to a 3D printer or a laser cutter, printing/cutting your own case is a fast and economical way to house your piggy. Our contributors have come up with the following designs for sharing.



The "ZapBox!" edition has been created to be as compact as possible, while maintaining easy access to the charging port and buttons. It's constructed from two parts, the main case and lid. No screws are necessary, everything fits together nice and snug, like a pig in a blanket.

Recommended material: PLA or PETG
Printing advice: Add supports to the charging port and buttons slot. Be sure there are no supports interfering with the four lid/case fixing points (the .3mf file these features).
Creator: Richard Taylor
Licence: CC0


This amazing piggy has been designed by super talented 11-year old "Mixter the Boyster" who loves Minecraft and 3D printing.

Recommended material: PLA or PETG
Printing advice: 10% infill. Tree supports. Adhesion enabled.
Paint: Gold Rub'n'buff paint.
Creator: Mikkel the Boyster.
Licence: CC BY
Links: Pig | Bitcoin logo | Case

LightningPiggy Block Lamp

Shining a light on sound money: This Minecraft-inspired savings' lamp, a first of its kind, was ingeniously crafted by Silexperience and his son. The project was sparked by a curious question from his son, "Can bitcoin be in a piggy bank?" This led to the idea of integrating a LightningPiggy device inside a block shaped lamp.

We love how the LightningPiggy device can seamlessly integrated into any object and in this case it looks like an artefact of the bitcoin blockchain.

Recommended material: PLA or PETG
Printing advice: No support needed except for the main cube 20% filling supports 5% (cube only)
Build notes: Power is provided using a 1,800 mah lithium battery connected directly to the T5's USB port. The LED strip and the Lilygo are independent at the time of writing.
Creator: Silexperience
Licence: CC0

LaserEngraved Piggy

Coming soon...

If you have created your own, and would like it to appear here, please email us at oink@lightningpiggy.com including a copy of the .stl file, the creator's name and Nostr link (if they have one), any printing advice, and your Creative Commons licence.