Why choose to prioritise bitcoin payments over lightning, instead of the main chain?

In choosing whether to start with bitcoin over main chain or lightning we chose the latter because of near instant settlement, ultra low fees (independence of transaction fee fluctuations), and the ability for senders to easily transmit messages with their transactions.

The piggy is designed for small pocket, homework/housework task money payments. Having the ability to accept bitcoin on the main chain would be a nice-to-have for longer-term, more secure kiddies savings.

Why “LightningPiggy”, and not “Bitcoin Piggy”?

Bitcoin Piggy would also be a great name for the project. However, Lightning Piggy fits better for two reasons:

  1. The piggy is designed for handling small amounts, such as for pocket money and homework/housework task payments, meaning its design is lightning network native and therefore part of his pedigree.
  2. LightingPiggy has his life to thank for escaping the fiat money system when the truck he was travelling in got struck by lightning and crashed on the way to the abattoir. It's a harrowing story where he was chased into a forest, only evading capture by diving down a bottomless rabbit hole. During his time down the hole he meets lots of interesting characters who showed him the way to freedom.

Does LightningPiggy support Tor?

The device itself doesn’t run over Tor but it could theoretically, since Tor seems to have been ported to the ESP32. However, we believe it wouldn't be trivial to implement and performant to run.