We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has played a role in bringing this little piggy to market.


Volunteers who have contributed their expertise and knowledge to help develop the project.

⭐️ = Bitcoin Kids

Core Team

Those who have taken on a voluntary role and are actively making a significant contribution of their time to the project.

Special thanks to…

  • Bitcoin Atlantis 2024 - For embracing the project and providing the perfect family-friendly environment for learning and building.
  • Adopting Bitcoin 2023 - For continuing to support the FOSS project with hands-on workshops.
  • Adopting Bitcoin 2022 - For being there every step of the way from providing a platform for the first pitch, project presentation, and now hands-on workshops.
  • Ben de Waal - For graciously taking the time to build one of the early prototypes.
  • Geyser.fund - For creating the best crowdfunding platform ever and the amazing people on this platform who have contributed sats to support the project.
  • Samatha de Waal - For her inspirational speech at BTC Prague 2023 where she gave praise to the project.
  • Bolt.fun - For providing the impetus to get building.

The Spark

LightingPiggy was born in an Amsterdam bar during Bitcoin 2022. Bitcoin3us was looking for an LNbits developer to build the first lightning enabled piggy bank for a www.Bolt.fun competition that was running at the time. BlackCoffee had been meaning to build something similar for his kids and that’s how LightningPiggy entered the world.