LightningPiggy is an electronic cash piggy bank for children that accepts bitcoin sent over lightning, while displaying the amount saved in satoshis.

Our vision is to make sats the savings standard for every child. We plan to use this educational platform to inspire future generations, not only to save with sound money, but also to learn to create in a free and open source way.

From an early age, we’re programmed to think in fiat terms. Depending upon our respective cultural upbringing, in many parts of the world our first encounter with money is when the ‘tooth fairy’ visits, followed by being gifted a piggy bank that gets filled with coins for doing good deeds. This money is rapidly loosing its purchasing power, and therefore it is useless at storing value.

At the moment, fourteen years since the discovery of bitcoin, there isn’t a fun, child-friendly way for kids to stack sats, and watch their savings grow.

To accelerate global adoption we need to have the tools and resources available for bitcoiners of all ages.

LightningPiggy will bring the adoption of bitcoin to young people in a real and meaningful way. As well learning about sound money, from the earliest possible opportunity, it will also open the door to STEM learning opportunities via affordable home/school/community development kits. Later on in life, bitcoin will be the obvious first choice of money, anything else will simply not make sense.