Sourcing Parts

LILYGO T5 V2.3.1 (2.13 inch screen) e-paper device: AliExpress

Creating an LNbits Wallet

We recommend using this server instance for testing and small amounts. Please note this software is in BETA and you will need to bookmark/save the webpage for future access to your funds.

Flashing the Firmware

Use our custom built web installer to configure and flash the firmware to the device.

LILYGO TTGO T5 2.66 inch E-paper device

The device does not turn on (device leds stay dark) when connected to my computer.

  1. Check you have a USB to TTL (T-U2T) connector connected between the device and your USB cable.
  2. Check the device is not faulty by connecting it to a power supply, instead of the computer. The red power led should light up.

Building From Source

MacOS iCloud and Arduino library conflicts

Arduino library folder Conflicts: It has been noted in Arduino version 1.8.16 that conflicts can occur due to the iCloud upload status of files in the Arduino library folder that can prevent successful builds. One solution is wait until all folders and files have synchronised with iCloud before building.