Software Update v4.x

Software Update v4.x
Torogoz - The national bird of El Salvador - by Celeste | Bitcoin Atlantis 2024 LightingPiggy Character Design Challenge

Trotting in hot we’re thrilled to announce that version 4 of the LightningPiggy code has just been released. And there’s a beast of a change log…

What’s new...

User experience improvements

  • Unified code supporting both 2.13 and 2.66 inch ePaper displays with auto detection at boot.
  • Significantly faster display updates thanks to migrating libraries from GxEPD to GxEPD2.
  • Enhanced boot logo to emphasise the lightning bolt in "LightningPiggy”.

User interface improvements

  • Where additional screen space allows more payment amounts and their associated messages will be displayed.
  • Introduction of non-ascii characters such as öüäß thanks to the integration of U8g2_for_Adafruit_GFX library to support UTF-8 fonts.
  • Addition of German (de_DE) and Swiss German (de_CH) boot slogans. Thanks @GABRl3L !
  • Addition of Danish (da) boot slogans. Thanks @Jake21m !
  • Currency symbols now placed before the fiat amount where appropriate.
  • Addition of proper fiat currency symbols (€,£,$,¥) where appropriate.


  • Update notifications (they were broken in v3.x).

Credits: Thomas with thanks noted above.

Team LightningPiggy

LightingPiggy is an electronic cash piggy bank for children, that accepts Bitcoin sent over the Lightning Network. It displays payment amounts, messages, and the total satoshis saved.

Our vision is to make bitcoin the savings’ standard for every child, while creating an educational platform to inspire future generations, not only to save in bitcoin, but also to learn to code and build in a free and open source way.

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