Bounty #3: GitHub Issues Blitz

Bounty #3: GitHub Issues Blitz
LightningPiggy Bounty #3 | GitHub Issues Blitz

We’re excited to launch our third bounty to encourage more devs to join the project and to ultimately bring more piggies to market.

We’re looking for sponsors or donors to boost these sat amounts. Please get in touch if you would like to support our mission to make sats the savings standard for every child.

PROJECT: LightningPiggy
BOUNTY: 1,000,000 sats total [NOW CLAIMED]
CODENAME: GitHub Issues Blitz

#1 Battery drains because of infinite retries in case of failures
Bounty: 350K sats

#2 Smarter (or no) sleep depending on battery
Bounty: 200K sats

#3 Indicate when the device is sleeping vs awake
Bounty: 150K sats

#4 Show update notifications on the display
Bounty: 150K sats

#5 Make notification code more generic
Bounty: 150K sats


  • Successful completion of each task will be decided by a simple majority of the core team, defined here:
  • GitHub issue #7 “Show on-chain balance” is tabled for introduction as part of a future ‘multiple screens’ update.
  • Target deadline Feb 25th, 2024 (in time for the Bitcoin Atlantis conference in Madeira).
  • If you reach an advanced stage working on one of the tasks listed above let the LP Telegram group know, so as to help reduce duplication of effort.
  • Sponsors/Donors please email: