Bounty #2: From Prototype to Production

Bounty #2: From Prototype to Production

We’re excited to launch our second bounty to encourage more devs to join the project and to ultimately bring more piggies to market.

PROJECT: LightningPiggy



  • Adapt code for new LILYGO ESP32 e-paper development board, reference: T5 V2.3.1 due to obsolesce of the existing T5 2.66 board. Note the new hardware has a smaller screen area of 212x104 pixels, but is significantly cheaper.
  • Boot-up image: Add a full screen start-up graphic (welcome image including an LP icon and web address) for 4 seconds.
  • New main screen: Update the main (always on) screen to include the following attributes:
  • Total sat balance.
  • Last three payments including any associated payment messages.
  • LN receive QR code.
  • Small Lightning Piggy icon/text and/or website address.
  • Battery status (e.g. good/low/charge or no status icon if not connected).

Note: The total sats, last three payments and battery status should update independently of the other fixed screen elements.

  • Shake to update: Code a ‘balance and transaction update’ interrupt on two suitable pins for an optional “shake to update” feature using an inexpensive vibration sensor, such as this one*.
  • Physical buttons: Code one of buttons to restart (existing feature), and the other button to update the transaction and balance.
  • Usage metrics: Include anonymous usage metrics via payment/web hooks linked with the website, with the option to opt-out during configuration.



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