LightningPiggy is a cuddly, jolly young fellow in a suite and tie. He meets many characters on his journey down the rabbit hole. Here are a just few...

Owl: Wise and fearless | Inspiration: Satoshi

Black Panther: Smart, cool, and fit, shadowy super coder | Inspiration: Hal

Space Cat: Likes tacos | Inspiration: Hodlnaut

Rabbit: Bright green and orange eyed | Inspiration: Gigi

Two Pizzas: Delicious but expensive | Inspiration: Laszlo

Colourful bird: Leaning the way | Inspiration: Torogoz, the National bird of El Salvador

Honey Badger: Fearless defender of truth | Inspiration: Max Keiser 

Golden Monkey, aka Schifty: Dishonest troublemaker | Inspiration: Peter Schiff

Rat: Claims to be everything he is not with an Aussie accent | Inspiration: Craig Wrong


LightningPiggy by Valentina Picozzi

The first take of the LP character donated by the awesome Valentina Picozzi, an activist artist in the bitcoin space since 2012, and founder of satoshigallery.

LightningPiggy by Bitko Yinowsky

Bitko Yinowsky - Logo and character design